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A Goodbye

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

She stood alone on a city street Her clothes were soaked it was raining so hard But she couldn’t feel the tangled wet strands sticking to her face like glue Because couldn’t feel anything at all She just stood there Her arms hung weighted As if they were keeping her from running back She had said goodbye to a man She thought she could not live without They had become lovers Lives and legs intertwined But in her heart In quiet moments She had chosen a different life One that would’ve tortured her if left unturned One that pulled at her One that began with a goodbye

As the rain poured relentlessly She replayed those final moments of their exchange The moment he turned his back to walk away Taking in his long black dress coat Hearing the clicking of his dress shoes against the pavement The way he walked away without a glance She thought of his shoulders The ones she used to wrap her arms around Kiss lovingly Couldn’t help but remind her of their passionate lovemaking

Her heart twisted In the biting cold In the wet air She dropped to the ground As if by impulse As if these memories were too much to bear She skimmed the edge of a puddle with her knees And wept

Her weeping became puddles themselves It seemed as if the water that poured from the sky Was also made of tears Her long, pleated skirt Now wet and dirty Her head pressed against her trembling knees Her arms wrapped around her shaking thighs The rain beat down on her back And only the glow of street lamps Kept her from fading into the night In those final moments In that goodbye She felt a part of herself slip away As if on an exhale It was gone and she was wise enough to let it go

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