• laurendeluca87

A Goodbye II

Her pain Fresh like an open wound With swollen and sunken eyes She was no stranger to loss And perhaps this came to her aid And I suppose this was why when she returned to her flat on that stormy night At two in the morning With the rain pounding against the ground After stopping for a drink Jameson on the rocks Sitting at the bar Looking crazy with her wet hair And sniffling red nose like a child Still beautiful She didn’t switch on a light Instead, with the flick of a match she lit a single candle And quietly wept Her damp clothes tossed aside Naked Her face pressed against her hands As if they were catching her tears Telling her it would all be okay For once, she allowed herself to feel small and helpless Amidst the candlelight The flickering flame, a comfort Of something inside she knew could never be lost She had let him go And she was coming to terms with new territory in her heart She knew The heart could persevere She would carry on So when she crawled into bed With the sun rising She didn’t toss and turn She fell into a deep sleep With one arm outstretched into the space where he used to be

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