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A Goodbye III

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Walking Paris streets She was an image of perfection

Dressed in a silk blouse and black slacks

A colorful scarf around her neck

Dark sunglasses She felt an ache inside A hole where his love used to be Like a sickness Her head spun as if it could circle all the way around Short of breath Where is the air Nevertheless, All the while Old tears Lived in her heart Salt still sat on her tongue Nude lipstick Chestnut hair pulled back into a bun The restaurants they sat laughing with their bodies convulsing with pleasure All the nooks of the streets in which they had kissed First sip of coffee Exhale Into another world She found solace in the things she loved besides him Sometimes that support stayed with her all the way to her bedroom at night Then like the flame of the candle she burned that night She would rest in the knowing that just as the stars continued to shine in the night sky Her heart would continue to beat Because nothing ever really ends

Photo by Earth on Unsplash

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