• laurendeluca87

A Reclaiming

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I'm working on freeing myself from the expectations and beliefs

I've been wearing around like a dress

A dress that looks good on the outside

But scratches my skin on the inside

These expectations tell me

This is how to be successful

How to behave

How your life should look

How you should look

It's like they've become a part of me

Beliefs that live in my belly

That I've mistaken as mine

When really, they're not

I wish I could tear them off like one rips a dress over their head after a long night

Walk away

Move on

With my hearts desires


It's ok though

Because I'm letting go of these these things that no longer serve me

Day by day

Finding my truth

I feel closer than ever to myself

And for once

I can clearly see

I have everything I need

That I don't need to wear a dress

That isn't mine

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