• laurendeluca87

In Line at the Grocery

An older gentleman stood before me in line at the grocery

He wore a grey coat that fell to his feet and had shaggy shoulder length hair of the same color

My smile

An invitation

He moved closer and said “I asked the clerk if they sold new bodies here and the clerk said ‘no’”

I sighed and said, “I know”

Wishing I could do more to comfort him

But then he added

“At least I can sit up and listen to the birds”

I told him listening to the birds is a wonderful thing

At the same time

I thought to myself

How often do we take for granted our healthy bodies

That allow us to move freely

Joyfully even

I hoped that this man once felt this freedom

I was comforted to know that he can listen to the birds

Because I know they are a sort of peace

For when one sits and listens to their song

It brings them closer to their soul

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