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Nature's Medicine

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Truly, two of my favorite things

Are mad pouring rain

And soft falling snow

I long for them at times

Streaks on my window

In the wet night

Hearing a pitter patter

I sit in bed with the windows cracked

Comforted by the sound

When snow falls

I’ll sit by the window

And watch

The beauty

Like a remedy

For something restless inside me

I’ll venture out

In boots

Wrapped tightly in layers

And hike through thick snow

Delighted by the decorated trees

The cold air hugging me

When the weather changes

We can stay

Cozy beneath blankets

Or we can venture out


Will we see nature’s dance

As a nuisance or

Will we see it as

It is

An invitation

To pause

A gift

For the senses


Much deeper

A way to connect

To a thing larger than ourselves

So when I sit and watch the snow fall

Or willingly step in puddles

I am soothed

In a way

That only falling snow

And pouring rain

Can soothe me

Photo by Jonathan Knepper on Unsplash

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