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When Life is Beautiful and Painful

Sometimes we hope for one thing and get another.

Sometimes we put all we’ve got into something only for it to be taken from us.

Sometimes we have a wish that isn’t coming into fruition.

Sometimes life doesn’t look the way we thought it would.

How do we accept what we’re given when it’s not what we planned?

Do we keep our hearts open or do we close them because we’re hurt?

What if life looking differently didn’t mean it was wrong?

When we realize that we’re not completely in control.

We might grasp for something, anything to maintain things as they are.

But I have hope, that over time, our hard exterior would crumble because even though life can be painful, it can also be beautiful.

And we cannot have one without the other.

If we embrace what’s in front of us, even if it’s painful, we’re working with life instead of against it.

And life has a way of taking care of us.

How do we make the next right choice from where we are?

By saying, “yes” to what’s there and by believing things can be beautiful.

Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

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